Arboretum of Eden

Welcome to the College of the Atlantic Arboretum

Plants of Asia

East Asian flora is remarkably similar to the plants of Eastern North America. This phenomena is due to the Bering Sea land bridge that once connected the two continents. As a result, many East Asian trees and shrubs resemble plants of New England.

Read more about the floristic relationships between East American and East Asian plants in Qian’s paper in the Online resources.

Our holdings of Asian plants include maples, conifers, Japanese cherries, as well as two living fossils.

A collection of maples:

Bearded Maple (Acer barbinerve)

Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum)

Henry’s Maple (Acer henryi)

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

Pilosum Maple (Acer pilosum)

Living fossils:

Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo biloba)

Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)

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