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The most favorite tree(s) of campus

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Which one of our trees is the most beautiful, interesting, and precious to You? Which one catches your attention when you walk by? Or which one do you like to climb?
We search for the tree closest to your heart, a tree with a story that can hold the community together. The main goal was to call the attention to the beautiful, green trees growing around us and our relationship with them. They have been here much earlier before us and will hopefully stay after we are gone too. I think those are important reasons to admire and respect them.

After processing the many answers you sent me, it is obvious that we don’t only have one or two favorite trees – there were many! Here is the absolute winner!

European Copper Beech (Fagus sylvatica L. var. purpurea Dum. Cours.) – magical and ancient-looking trees in front of Turrets.

Read about their history and ecology in Our Collection and Highlights.

copper-beech.jpg Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Hughes

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