Arboretum of Eden

Welcome to the College of the Atlantic Arboretum

Welcome to the Arboretum of Eden!

Mission: Arboretum of Eden of College of the Atlantic provides students, local community, and visitors a living museum to teach us about the world’s botanical diversity, and a place for reflection and delight.

The arboretum is open every day and invites you to wander around and explore the botanical diversity on your own pace.

It  is a living representation of the College’s mission – it illustrates the important relationship between us humans and our surrounding environment. Arboretum of Eden stretches over the 35-acre (14ha) campus of College of the Atlantic. It holds a collection of trees and shrubs common in Maine and New England, as well as species from around the world.

How to navigate in the sea of information on this website:


Section includes study materials, such as botanical glossary, online resources, as well as downloadable handouts on several species. Furthermore, read about the history of the Arboretum of Eden.


Section includes directions to the arboretum, contact information. Moreover, you can find out about a geocache hidden in the arboretum.

Plant Collection

Section includes detailed information about species in the arboretum, featured collections, and plant inventory. You will also find links to a GIS reference map and online interactive map.

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  1. To dedicate a website to your arboretum is such a great idea. I hope Colby College can do one for its arboretum too.

  2. So glad to know that this has progressed! And I love the name! Keep it alive! -Elyse Dana, Class of 09′

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